Maybe it is because of the exquisite designs they come in, but the coffee table has become the modern centrepiece for every home or office. While some may not fully grasp the importance of the coffee table and only perceiving it as a piece of furniture for its glamour, the coffee table plays a vital role in the office as well as the home. For one, when your office has a waiting area, the best place to stack up magazines for your clients as they wait is on the coffee table. Besides, when you need to make a statement, the innovative designs that come with coffee tables are your best bet. We, therefore, enable you to fulfil whatever reason you want to have a coffee table in your office, be it aesthetic, or storage. Office Furniture Network offers a wide range of coffee table, glass & wood coffee tables, round coffee table, console table or side table in Melbourne & across Australia. Call us on 03 9359 5366.

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