BIFMA is the not-for-profit trade association for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers. Since 1973, BIFMA has been the voice of the commercial furniture industry.

As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer, the BIFMA serves North American Furniture Manufacturers, their suppliers and ANSI’s customers by developing voluntary safety and performance standards utilizing the ANSI consensus process. Following ANSI approval, standards are placed into the public domain for use by all interested stakeholders.

International Furniture Standards.

BIFMA is also accredited by ANSI to be the administrator of the US Technical

Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee TC-136 Furniture. This has been very useful for BIFMA in its involvement with the International Standards for Office furniture.


In order to determine if a piece of office furniture meets the combined standards of both ANSI and BIFMA, it is put through a series of tests. These tests then in turn determine how safe, functional and sustainable the piece of office furniture may or may not be. After testing, only the furniture that has held up to ANSI/BIFMA standards will be approved.

Benefits of ANSI/BIFMA-Approved Furniture.

Therefore, there are some distinct advantages in purchasing furniture approved by BIFMA. There is the assurance that any BIFMA-approved furniture has met rigorous standards for safety. You can feel confident in the fact that any piece of BIFMA-approved furniture will help promote a working environment that is functional and healthy. When such an environment is promoted, there is likely to be an increase in productivity and a decrease in work-related injuries or accidents as a result. Workers are sure to feel safe and inspired. While some furniture that is not BIFMA-approved is still technically safe, when purchasing BIFMA-approved furniture, you are also receiving peace of mind. That peace of mind is something unique to BIFMA-approved office furniture. Working environments are extremely important, and it is vital to provide the best one possible. So for your next office furniture purchase, consider BIFMA-approved options and how it could benefit you and your employees.